Why work with me?


So this is my why...

I believe everyone has an individual creative spark that when nurtured and given the right tools can grow into a glowing joyful fire.

Once that creative fire is lit your consciousness will begin to awaken and you’ll have the ability to be centred much quicker.

My work is to guide you to finding your own unique creative style. Even if you have never drawn or picked up a paintbrush, with a guiding hand you can discover the joy and calming effects of creativity.

Creative practice can be as powerful and effective as meditation.

You will find a deeper understanding of yourself and your inner voice through the creative process.

Intentional Creativity connects you to your inner voice of intuition where all your answers reside.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to people embracing their creativity is fear. ‘I can’t draw’ is one I’ve heard at the beginning of any workshop. What I’ve found it really means is ‘I’m afraid to get it wrong’ and ‘I'm afraid of what others might think of my work’.

The thing is that you can’t get it wrong. Your own unique expression will come through regardless. What I do work with here is changing perspectives. No, you won’t create a photo realistic image in your first class, but that’s not what we are trying to do here. ( and by the way Yes, you can learn to do realistic art if you really want, but that will require you to commit to constant practice).

Finding your unique creative expression means setting yourself free from expectations and constraints.

Through finding your unique creative expression, you can delve into and access your own inner wisdom. The deep wisdom that has always been with you, even though you may have not been aware or listening.

What you can expect:

·         Tools to work with your creativity

·         Methods to discover and access your inner wisdom (and yes it is there)

·         Support through the bumpy bits

·         Laughter and community

Who is it for?

This is for you if you are:

·         Wanting to be more in tune with yourself

·         Wanting to live a life more extraordinary

·         Wanting to step into being your authentic self through creative practice

·         Ready for healing

·         Ready to care and give to yourself ( willing to create ‘me’ time)

·         Willing to explore and experiment

·         Looking to find a way of finding relaxation and putting your mind at ease