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Soothing The Heart 

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Have you ever wanted to have an artwork that reflects your energy and soul?



For these, I meditate on your behalf and ask that one of your guides present themselves for the drawing and that they bring a message for you. You have many guides walking with you and there may be a particular one that wants to let you know that you are not alone. A drawing of your spirit guide on  A3 paper with a message


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This became so much more than just painting. I learnt to trust myself, silence my inner critic and just be. And by being and trusting the process, my painting came into being and sprang to life. I know more about myself and painting.
— Libby Darwin

Hi and Welcome

I'm Gisela and I help people gain their own answers and learn to trust their own intuition through art.

It’s not until you are willing to work on yourself and follow your inner guidance that you truly start to heal.

Since forever, it would seem art has always been part of my life...

I found myself on a bit of a merry go round of healing until I had a lightbulb moment…I have the answers…My answers are within and yours are too.

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