Soothing the Heart

Soothing the Heart


The heart takes a lot and we get so busy that we forget to listen. Here is a pause point for you to tune in and feel what your heart needs right now.

A self paced mini workshop.

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Soothing the Heart is a mini workshop for you to dive into where your heart is at and what is it asking of you at this time.

Maybe you’ve been told you’re not creative. Maybe you’ve told yourself you’re no good at art.
With intentional creativity, you don’t need to be an artist - just let the art that’s already inside of you spill boldly onto the canvas.

Tap into your creative self and find your own voice through creativity. Surprise yourself with your own abilities!
Put colour back into your day and reconnect with yourself

Artuition with Gisela makes finding your truth a joyful, colourful experience where you get to create and paint your own story.