Have you ever wanted to have your guides, angels or muses visible to you?

How about having that as a painting?

A protective talisman in your home that is also a beautiful piece of art? 


Now you can have this. For yourself. For a loved one. For your child.

Check the current Paintings available.



Soul Guide Drawing

For these, I meditate on your behalf and ask that one of your guides present themselves for the drawing and that they bring a message for you. You have many guides walking with you and there may be a particular one that wants to let you know that you are not alone. A drawing of your spirit guide on  A3 paper with a message.


Soul Guide Paintings

An acrylic painting created specially for you as a focus piece for your meditations or as a reminder of your current journey in life. I meditate on your behalf and ask to be given an image that pertinent for you. If you have a particular image in mind, I can also work with you on that. There are varying choices of size.





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